Neurable’s BCI platform uses machine learning to classify EEG control signals in real time. By combining our proprietary algorithms with unique neuroscience insights, Neurable achieves levels of performance that far exceed traditional BCIs.

In the illustration above, a woman is viewing a photo album in VR. As she moves her gaze across the screen, individual pictures are highlighted. Neurable detects and analyzes changes in brain activity that indicate which photo she wants to select– in this case, the parrot. This is just one example of how user interfaces can be designed for VR that function as a natural extension of brain activity.

We believe that science has reached the early stages of a neurotechnology revolution that will eventually bring BCIs to everyday life. Neurotechnology holds tremendous potential to assist and augment human cognitive functions across a wide variety of tasks.

Neurable is the world’s first BCI platform designed specifically for developers of mixed-reality experiences. Our technology is impactful across a wide variety of AR/VR use cases, from gaming and entertainment, to health and wellness, to work and productivity.