Explore a World without Limitations

Explore a World without Limitations

Beyond Virtual Reality

Neurable’s vision is to create a world where people live without limitations. Our revolutionary brain-computer interface allows people to control software and devices using only their brain activity.

This is not “mindfulness” or “neuro-feedback.” Neurable’s brain-computer interface uses electroencephalography to record brain activity, analyze data and provide users with full three-dimensional control in real time. Our technology has enabled people to play games, control toys and drive a full-sized car using only their thoughts.

Neurable transforms augmented and virtual reality by placing the user’s mind in the center of the experience. Through Neurable, AR and VR can finally achieve their full potential using the power of your mind.

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Neurable’s team comprises an eclectic group of tech enthusiasts, neuroscientists, machine learning experts, mechanical and electrical engineers, business executives, hackers, gamers and visionary thinkers.


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If you share our passion for disruptive technology, please reach out and express your interest!
We are looking for inspired minds to collaborate with us as co-conspirators, investors and business partners.

Interested in joining our team? Shoot us a message at careers@neurable.com telling us about yourself and why you would like to be a part of Neurable.