Hi, We're Neurable

We’re changing how you interact with the world around you.

At Neurable, we’re translating brain activity into simple, actionable insights you can use in your everyday life. After all, your brain knows you best.


Unabashedly passionate about neuroscience.

We want to be the company that makes neurotechnology easily accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Our Team

We’re a diverse group of science, product, engineering and design experts, on a mission to improve people’s lives using neurotechnology.

  • Dr. Ramses Alcaide

    Dr. Ramses Alcaide

    CEO, Co-Founder

  • Jamie Alders

    Jamie Alders

    VP of Product

  • Darryl Bradley II

    Darryl Bradley II

    Office Manager

  • Jegan Candassamy

    Jegan Candassamy

    VP of Engineering

  • Adam Molnar

    Adam Molnar

    Co-Founder, Head of Partnerships

  • Dr. Walter Piper

    Dr. Walter Piper

    Research Engineer

  • Dr. Mavi Ruiz-Blondet

    Dr. Mavi Ruiz-Blondet

    Research Engineer

  • Jordan Schultz

    Jordan Schultz

    Project Hardware Engineer

  • Brandon Siebert

    Brandon Siebert

    Software Engineer

  • Arjun Srinivas

    Arjun Srinivas

    IP Strategy Consultant/Advisor to CEO

  • David Stanley

    David Stanley

    Senior Machine Learning Engineer

  • Dr. Patrick Stokes

    Dr. Patrick Stokes

    Machine Learning Engineer

  • Dr. Davide Valeriani

    Dr. Davide Valeriani

    Senior Machine Learning Engineer

  • Dr. Ali Yousefi

    Dr. Ali Yousefi

    Lead Scientist

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Scientific Advisory Board

  • Darin D. Dougherty M.D.

    Darin D. Dougherty M.D.

    Associate Professor of Psychiatry Harvard Medical School

    "Neurable’s white paper details the lengths they went to ensure that Enten is capturing quality EEG signals."

  • Dr. Earl Miller

    Dr. Earl Miller

    Picower Professor of Neuroscience Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    "I am optimistic that this technology will deliver on its promise."

  • Dr. David Eagleman

    Dr. David Eagleman

    Neuroscientist at Stanford University,CEO of Neosensory, and Chief Science Officer of Brain Check

    "Neurable is clearly striving to make set-up and output of attention scores straightforward."

  • Dr. Jane Huggins

    Dr. Jane Huggins

    Research Scientist at University of Michigan

    "Neurable's technology embodies a breakthrough in BCI Function."

  • Dr. John Donoghue

    Dr. John Donoghue

    Founder of the Brown Institute of Brain Science at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island,


  • Michelle Lim, Northeastern University