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Smart Headphones for Smarter Focus

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The better way to focus your day.

A Better Way to Focus your day
  • Track Focus

    Brainwave sensors

  • Hear More

    High-quality audio + mic

  • Listen Longer

    All-day battery

  • Roam Free

    Wireless bluetooth

  • Filter Out

    Active noise cancellation

  • Feel Good

    Ergonomic design

Keep burnout
at bay.

See when and where you focus best so you can optimize your day, and help avoid burnout.

Enjoy a coffee in the morning? Track how activities impact your focus, dive into the trends and get data-informed recommendations - all powered by Neurable.

Keep Burnout


Need to concentrate on the task at hand?

Auto-mute notifications based on your focus level, turn on noise cancellation, and notify others around with an optional ‘do not disturb’ mode.

Banish Distractions

Tune in with
the right tunes.

Listen to your music, and find out what tunes enable you to concentrate best and maximize your productivity.

Enten tracks how different songs or genres impact your focus and then recommends the perfect playlists, for when you need them.

Which Songs

Use next-gen
gesture controls.

Mute calls or skip to the next song without pressing a button or saying a word.

Enten's sensors pick up gestures as subtle as a wink or a nod to control your smartphone... or use the traditional on-device buttons if you prefer.

Banish Distractions

Engineered for a premium sound.

  • Hear more with the latest Qualcomm chipset and AptX audio codec for high-quality audio.

  • Be heard with clear, balanced mic pickup that's perfect for calls.

  • Reach up to 4x further away and 2x faster with Bluetooth 5.1.

  • Tune out unwanted sounds with Active Noise Cancellation.

  • Listen longer with all-day battery life and rapid-charge.

  • Connect to your devices with support for iOS, Android and more.

Neurotechnology for everyday life

for everyday life.

Neurable’s unique Soft EEG sensors are seamlessly woven into the plush fabric ear cushions, combining comfort with accuracy and convenience. The 16-sensor array is invisible when worn and capable of detecting patterns in your brain activity with near lab-grade precision, as you simply go about your day.

Backed by science.

Enten uses Neurable’s advanced data analysis and signal processing techniques to identify and interpret brain signals with high confidence.

Driven by scientific rigor, integrity, safety and human-centered design, Enten was created by a diverse team of industry leaders in neuroscience, product, and engineering. It is the proud result of our determination to improve people’s everyday lives through Neurotechnology.Learn More

Backed by science

  • EEG Channel Count

  • Channel Locations

  • A/D Resolution

  • EEG Sampling Rate

  • EEG Bandwidth

  • Accelerometer

  • Data stream

  • Impedance check

  • Audio

  • Bluetooth

  • Audio codec

  • Power

  • Battery life

  • Weight

  • Dimensions

  • 16 channels, dry

  • Around-ear, interwoven into plush fabric

  • 24-bit simultaneous sampling analog-to-digital converters

  • 500 samples per second

  • 0-131 Hz with True DC Coupling

  • 3-axis

  • Bluetooth

  • Real-time continuous

  • Stereo Class-D Headphone Amplifier with 98db SNR

  • 5.1

  • AptX Audio Codec

  • Lithium-Ion Battery (USB-C charging)

  • 24 hours

  • 0.6 lbs

  • 8" x 6.5" x 3"


How does EEG work?

EEG works by safely collecting electrical signals produced by your brain. Each of the billions of neurons in your brain produces these brainwaves, and EEG sensors safely detect large changes in brainwaves. Hans Berger was the first person to use EEG sensors in 1924, and EEG is now used in university labs all over the world.

Is EEG safe?

EEG is a completely safe technology that causes no discomfort. It is solely “listening” to the buzz of activity in your brain.

How do I order?

We are taking preorders for a limited time. Click here to order.

What audio quality do these have?

We are still finalizing the audio performance of Enten. We are targeting the audio performance of high-end models from brands like Sony and Bose. Enten has high-quality bluetooth audio chips and premium transducers. Plus, Neurable has an amazing acoustics engineer on the team that is going to ensure the headphones sound incredible.

Is the app compatible with iOS or Android?

The Enten app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

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